Golf Sponsor Signup

We are seeking Golf Sponsors to help us fund the 50th Reunion expenses. Each contritbution of $100 per Golf Hole will go towards the general funds pool for all Reunion Events.

Send Checks Payable: Cheryl Gromer Landeck/EHS 67 Golf Outing 2017                                             

       Mail to:Cheryl Landeck

             510 Hilton Ave

          Rockford  IL 61107

Add your name to the growing list of sponsors !!!

(each hole may have multiple sponsors)

A#1  Mark Coleman

      Coleman Land Company

#2 Carol Christensen Frey

#3 Ray Strahl

      Keith Wodarski

#4 Kathy Hannell

      The Learning Tree

#5 Debbie Shaw DeHaven

      Ron Ainsworth

#6 Roger Rahlfs

#7 Dave Lohs

#8 Cheryl Gromer Landeck

#9 Pete Bazos

     Attorney  at Law




#10  Mark Coleman   

      Coleman Land Company

#11  Tim Moore

        Tom Cox                          #12 Jo Dahly Patterson  

 #13 Bob Bruskewitz             #14 Ed Aubin

#15  Randy Lathrop

        Eric Selin

#16 Tom Tepper                

#17 Judi Christian  Musschoot

#18  Kevin

             Combest   & 

  Jimmy"Mack"  Mcmanamon


19th Hole     Kevin Combest

     Bruce "Moose"  Bovin

Your generous donation will be recognized at the Golf event in several ways. As a sponsor, your name will be placed on a placard at the Golf Hole(s) selected. Additionally, your sposorship will be publicized during the Golf event as well as announced verbally at the 19th hole gathering itself.